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Welcome to our dog website we hope you enjoy our website on dogs. We have created games for you to play and jigsaws you can download and keep. We also have online jigsaws and other games.

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We have listed a few dog trainers who have requested a free listing.

UK Dog Trainers

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Scotland dog dog trainers

If you offer a dog training service and wish to be listed then contact us with your details. Listing is at our discretion and is mainly based on the use of modern dog training techniques. Listing on the directory is free. Use our contact form or simply e-mail us if you would like listed.

Naturally Happy Dogs - Online Dog Magazine

Check out Naturally Happy Dogs a new online dog magazine.



A Sheepdog Diary - if you love collies then you will love this blog.

Blog about pedigree dogs by Jemima Harrison

UK Dogs Lost - helping unite people with their lost pets.

Border Collie Rescue

A well balanced pup - how to train your dog from the start

Cinnamon Trust for older people with dogs.

Willow Dog Rescue South Yorkshire

Have a look at our adopt a pet / dog directory and map.

Pet Acupuncture

Doga - what on earth is doga - I accidentally typed this into google (a typo for dogs) and ended up seeing a lot of non UK websites. Well surprisingly it is dog related and if you want to find out more then go to our doga page.

More about Dogs

Pictures of Dogs

We have put online pictures of our own dogs, pictures we have taken of other peoples dogs and a number of pictures that have been sent in to us (thanks for that). I hope you enjoy the pictures of dogs

Picture of Kez from a twitter photo.

US dog beds and pet supplies


Holiday in the Highlands

Sandy beaches

Sandy beaches in Sutherland in the far north-west of Scotland.


One of the beautiful sandy beaches in the Hebrides. Our dogs in the Isle of Lewis in 2008.

Dog Walks

We take our dogs everywhere with us and one of the pleasures of having dogs is that it makes you get out and take them for walks. We are very lucky to live in a beautiful area, close to many beautiful beaches and forests.

Dog Walks

Charlie at Tongue in the Highlands of Scotland is just one of the places we take our dogs for dog walks.

Collies & Sheepdog

Tibby our collie sheepdog (retired)

In October 08 we had started to look after the farm's sheep dog where we had recently moved to, basically it was just meant to be a week and it ended up being a permanent adoption!

Our two dogs on the beach together for the first time

Our two collies Charlie and Tibby on the beach together in one of our local beaches in the Highlands of Scotland.

Dog Pictures


Our gorgeous collie dog

Dog walking service & kennels

Morning dog walk

Our morning dog walk in the frost - Jan 16th 2012

Dog Videos

We have several videos of our own dogs, one day I will figure out how to upload them to You Tube, until then I have added a few videos we have seen on the tube and think you will enjoy.

Border Collie Dog - dog video

Chocolate Collie Puppies playing

Working Collie Sheepdogs video and link to collie website.

Talking Dogs (very funny) - Oscar the talking dog. Peter the talking dog.

A dog

jumbone dog video

Dog websites

Alsatian Jigsaw Puzzle


Picture sent in by Marion of her wonderful alsatian dog - Nelly. Play the Jigsaw Puzzle of Nelly in the sea.

Free Jigsaw Puzzles - Les clébards

We were sent a lovely picture of two French dogs and have made them into a free jigsaw puzzle. I hope you enjoy playing the jigsaw puzzle game.

Jigsaw Puzzles of Les clébards (chiens) or dogs


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Jigsaw Puzzles

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Pictures / photo blog

Loch More in Caithness, Scotland

Our collies on a dog walk along the sandy beach at Loch More in Scotland. This is the loch that the River Thurso flows from and the river is well known for salmon fishing.

Pictures of our collies at Staxigoe in Caithness

Just had some fun adding pictures of Charlie and Tibby to an Iron Bru viral video.

Anticipation - waiting for the strawberry to ripen

It is early May and our first strawberries are nearly ripe, now that is what I call anticipation: Strawberry


While walking the collies down to farm track we came across this week old lamb that is being hand reared as he mum had three lambs and not enough milk to go around. Charlie our collie had a good sniff.

Our collies on a walk to an ancient Broch in Scotland

For some time Charlie our beautiful girl collie (Charlie is the dog on the right of the picture) has had a problem with her rear leg and the vet believes it is arthritis. Like most dogs our collie does not consider the advice of not running about, playing, herding chickens or exercise as a good idea and we constantly worry about her. She has been on vet treatment (thank goodness for pet insurance!) for over a year with daily tablets and medication.

On a recent visit to our vet we discovered that tests have shown that weight loss can be a big help for treating her condition and as she was about 20% overweight i.e. 25.1kg and her ideal weight being between 18-20kg we decided to put her and our other collie "Tibby" on a diet.

In the past we have tried to reduce the food we have given them, a mixture of tinned dog food and dried as I felt they would not eat each just dried dog food (the look my dogs used to give me!). Well our vet recommended we use obesity management dried food diet from Royal Canin, this is only available from your vet, and the dogs love it, they are also losing weight gradually. We have to wait and see if this helps our collie with her sore rear leg / joint, hopefully it will help and also mean we can reduce the medication she currently takes. Certainly both our collies are looking happier on this new diet.

So what is my advice regarding feeding your dog, simple, keep the amount you feed them down to one suitable for your dog breed. Your vet will give you advice on this, so will the manufacturers of pet food, read the advice and follow it.

The amount of food an adult dog requires will often appear a lot less than you would think, always follow the recommended amount for your dog breed and dog's age, as dogs get older they tend to require less energy (food) and will store excess as fat which is not good for them. Do not overfeed your pet, it does not help them stay healthy and overweight dogs often have other health issues and complications, it is cheaper and better to give them a good quality dog food than fix health problems caused by poor diet and overfeeding.

Start your pet on a proper healthy pet diet when your dog is a puppy, keep them to the correct weight and given them plenty of exercise. For treats give your dog a washed carrot instead of an expensive dog treat, it is healthier and does not put on weight, it also helps clean their teeth. As we always shop at our local Pets at Home store we can recommend that you shop for your puppy food online at pets at home.