Create a Picture Collage with Google Picasa


Creating a Collage


Get this picture to make into a desktop wallpaper

It used to be difficult to create an attractive collage with pictures and it involved a lot of fiddling about with photo editing software and the knowledge of how to do it. While I am not saying that you do not need photo editing software for managing and editing your pictures you can do a lot of this for free by downloading Google Picasa. Google has a number of free software applications that you can use and one of these is Picasa2 and I tend to use this photo software if I want to create a picture collage for my websites.

It is very easy to do and I have created a simple step-by-step guide for you to follow below.

Creating a Collage using the Free Google Picasa Picture software

1. Open Picasa and select the pictures you want in your collage. To select individual pictures from a selection shown in Picasa use your Control Key (the Ctrl key is on the bottom left of your keyboard) – hold down the Ctrl key while using the mouse to select the pictures you want to be in your collage image.

Select your pictures

2. After you have selected all your pictures click on the Collage button at the bottom of Picasa. This will then bring up the Make Collage menu. In this screen you can change your settings and the folder you want the picture saved to.

Collage Google Picasa Menu

3. To change the location of where you want to save the collage picture click on Choose … and select the folder where you want to save the file.

4. Now click on the Create button and Google Picasa will create your collage picture.

Use Google Picasa to create a picture collage

Now what?

After you have created your collage you can use Picasa to set this as your desktop background, the image below illustrates the menu involved.

Make your collage picture your desktop wallpaper

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