Computers, Laptops & Desktops

Computers, Laptops and Servers

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Computers, Desktops, Laptops and Servers

With technology moving ever faster with new innovations happening every few months it is sometimes difficult to decide what type of computer to buy. With mobile phones and tablet computers gaining huge popularity many people are now using these devices to surf the net and keep in touch through social networks with their friends. On the other hand when you wish to use regular software and a keyboard to create content a laptop or desktop computer is usually something we all need to have.

Laptops are just so cheap compared to 5 years ago that having a desktop and laptop computer is something many people have, to be honest most laptops available from the major manufacturers offer such power than a mains powered desktop computer is often not required as the laptop has this power built in, and with the very clear screens they are just a pleasure to use.

On a personal level I still use a desktop computer with a large 23inch flat screen monitor along with a mouse and keyboard. As I often spend 6-8 hrs or longer working on websites I find the larger screen more comfortable to use, the computer also has two hard drives that are a lot larger in storage capacity than most laptops, so that's my choice. I also have a 5 year on-site warranty in case the computer breaks down giving me peace of mind.

On the other hand my wife just loves her laptop and would not thank you for a desktop PC as it takes up too much space so she has a Dell laptop with a 15inch monitor and she is delighted with this machine. To be honest I nearly bought a similar Dell laptop from Tesco recently – I was so tempted, it was only the lack of desk space that put me off (in the short term) – so I have spent some money updating my home office desk with one ordered from Amazon.

Small business servers used to be an expensive item, now with the ever decreasing prices and increasing specifications you can buy a server to run your office or small business at a price you used to pay for a laptop. Of course if you have a large business then the cost of your computer equipment and servers many still be something you need to budget for or take a loan out for. One solution to this is leasing and companies such as Dell provide good deals on 3 year leases where your equipment can be kept up to date on a rolling basis and all you pay is your lease cost, a manageable and tax deductable amount you can easily budget for. With the power of computers and servers available today a 3 year replacement policy may seem extravagant, yet with the tax breaks on leasing it may be more cost effective, you would need to check this with your accountant to be sure it is correct for your business.

Home based computers – Hire Purchase and Credit

When you go online to purchase your new desktop or laptop you will often be presented with buy now pay in 9 months time or next year, then you can pay for your purchase over 3 years or longer, with credit payment cover of course! Well if you calculate how much you then need to pay for your computer you may find that you could buy 2 computers instead of one by the time all the interest and payment protection has been added, so if you decide to take up “pay next year” credit offers make sure you save up and pay off the balance a couple of weeks before the due date so you have no interest to pay. I know paying with cash is never popular, well for buying a laptop for £400 you may as well, otherwise you could easily end up paying a lot more for the computer if you pay for it over 3 or more years. Remember a computer is just like a car, it loses value the minute you buy it.


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