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Dog Trainers West Midlands

Alpha Dog Behaviour is run by Nick Jones who has many years of experience working with dogs. You will also find a range of useful articles including one about dogs and fireworks. The picture gallery of dogs is my favourite page and Nick also does animal photography.

The Dog Lady is run by Fiona Parker and based in Northfield, Birmingham. Fiona covers a fairly wide area of the West Midlands and provides a life long dog / puppy training consultancy package - with discounts for people who have rehomed a dog from a rescue centre.

Fiona also offers a dog first aid kit that can be purchased online, she is also a qualified in dog first aid. This is one area of pet care that is often overlooked until an accident happens and should be covered more often in dog training classes. Even simple problems such as removing a tick can be offputting when you do it for the first time.

Fiona provides puppy and dog consultancy based in your own home. Her website also has useful information on Children and dogs - something anyone planning a new pet (or baby) should read.

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If you are a dog trainer and use gentle pet friendly training methods then we will be happy to list you on our dog site. Just e-mail us or send us a message - please provide details of your website and contact details you would like used. Please note we only list people using dog friendly modern training methods - no harsh dog training used under any circumstances.

If you operate in the United States, Canada or elsewhere we also have other dog & pet websites that may be more appropriate (with a .com address) for you.

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