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Dog Training

We have a growing list of dog trainers in the UK. We cannot recommend anyone specifically, we do suggest that you use a professionally qualified trainer and hope this page will help you find a suitable trainer.

Find your area using the Google Map - the list of dog trainers and behaviourists are at bottom of the page.

Scotland dog trainers

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Dog Trainers

If you are a dog trainer and use gentle pet friendly training methods then we will be happy to list you on our dog site. Just send us a message using our contact form - please provide details of your website and contact details you would like used. You can also e-mail us.

If you operate in the United States, Canada or elsewhere we also have other dog & pet websites that may be more appropriate (with a .com address) for you.

Dog Trainers, Dog Training & Animal Behaviorists

Latest Dog Training sites

Based in Nottingham UK dog trainers offer puppy and dog training

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Dog Behaviourists

David Holmes Dog Behaviourist Newcastle-Upon-Tyne - Detail Newcastle-Upon-Tyne Map

UK Registry of Canine Behaviourists

Applicants for UKRCB membership come from all kinds of backgrounds and experience. The ultimate goals of UKRCB affiliation are Members who are fully conversant with the scientific knowledge and up to date research appertaining to canine behaviour, have considerable communication skills and hands on experience with a large variety of dogs. Learn more on the website and how to contact members who can assist with dog training and behavioural problems with your pet.

Tru Nature - Michelle Masters

Michelle and her dog Keg

Michelle at Tru Nature offers fun, friendly and most importantly effective training classes and workshops in and around the Halstead, Braintree, Sudbury and Haverhill areas.

All training is based on providing owners with a better understanding of how a dog learns, thinks and communicates together with kind, positive training methods resulting in a more successful long term outcome to your training and overall relationship with your dogs. All classes and workshops are kept small (usually only 6 per class) and take place outside in realistic training environments.

Behaviour Consultations for all problems are undertaken and private training is available by the hour, or as a block course booking. Tru Nature' s website is full of tips, advice and information products, so please drop by and visit. There is a monthly newsletter you can sign up for with useful articles and details of special offers.

Dog Training School

Royvon Dog Training Schools - Based in South Wales and Surrey and provide professional dog training and residential courses for pet owners. Quoting from their website "We believe that a happy dog learns fast and in order to make training enjoyable for both the dog and handler, the reinforcements used must be positive, rewarding and motivational to the individual dog.  Every dog is different and it is our responsibility to provide each owner with the tools and instruction to experience the same results in the home environment." sums up their attitude and love for animals.
Visit their website for more details

Dog Listening

Caroline Spencer - Your dog Listener

I am a dog listener trained and recommended by Jan Fennell. I cover Salisbury and surrounding areas to one hour: Southampton, Romsey, Devises, Shaftesbury, Andover, Marlborough for example. I have been training dogs for about 12 yrs , but it was not until I read a book by Jan Fennell and subsequently trained with her, that I truly understood where a dog was coming from. Since implementing this wonderful method, the relationship between me and my dogs has become so different and much more rewarding.

website -

Jo Armstrong - K9 Consultations - Dog listener

Improve all undesirable dog behavioural problems by learning canine communication methods from a Jan Fennell trained dog listener. Your dog will change its behaviour of its own free will - no gadgets, no special collars, no shocks, no force. Jo Armstrong holds the Certificate in Advanced Canine Communication and is based in Derbyshire.

Website -

Ian Mackay - The Dog Listener method is a respectful approach that uses the dog’s own language to communicate with your best friend and show him that his undesirable behaviour is unnecessary. The Dog Listener method uses the Amichien Bonding technique as developed by Jan Fennell. The Dog Listener service covers Romsey, Winchester, Southampton, Salisbury, Andover, Bournemouth.

Robin Glover also follows the Dog Listener gentle training techniques. Robin is based in Aldershot on the Hampshire / Surrey border and travel anywhere in Southern England to perform consultations. I read Robin's blog on dog cruelty and he is definitely against the use of electric shock dog training collars, go to his website and blog and find out why.

Amichien Bonding

Carmen Cole Carmen Cole is a qualified dog trainer with certificates in foundation and advanced canine communication, the method known as Amichien Bonding. She does not use any harsh methods or gadgets, and her training is focused on the dog's point of view.

Visit Carmen's website for more details

Karen Webb

Karen is a Dog Listener. Learn to communicate with your dog in a language he understands. Using Jan Fennell's method Amichien® Bonding which is a holistic kind and gentle method. No gadgets. Karen is located in Durham but available throughout the North East for 1 to 1 home consultations. Website is called Paws Crossed -

Stephen Hawkins - Fetch Dog Training

One to One incentive & distraction Dog Training, Behavioural Consultations, Rescue Dog Rehabilitation, Dog Walking & Home Visits with the emphasis on fun & friendliness. In the Bracknell/Chertsey/Esher area.

Steve has over 30 years experience of handling dogs & over 20 years experience of training dogs. As all of his dogs have been rescue dogs, he has a great understanding of most behavioural problems, many of which can be changed in a very short time with some understanding & encouragement.

Please visit the website for further information & full contact details.

Dog Training

Acorn Dog Training - Milton Keynes. Operated by Fran Griffin you will find useful information and support on the website as well as the opportunity to discuss dog behaviour issues with Fran. Visit the website You can download Fran's free promotional jigsaw puzzles that we created for her website on our promotional page under Acorn.

Dog Training Clubs and Classes

Bath Dog Training Club is a not for profit voluntary organisation. Our courses are aimed at all ages, breeds, mongrels, sizes and sexes of dogs and owners! We aim to teach you, the owner, how to enjoy your dog and be confident that he/she will behave in a manner that is appropriate.

We will also teach you how to look after your dog through grooming, health checks and diet.
We are dedicated to promoting responsible dog ownership and follow guidance from The Kennel Club. We limit our classes to 7 dogs per class and we welcome all the family. We run classes from puppies up to competition obedience. Please find further information at

Wagging Tails Puppy and Dog Training Classes

Wagging Tails only use kind, positive methods in their training classes. Courses are fun for people and dogs with the use of clicker training being recommended, however other techniques are also used. Julia Smith runs the puppy and dog training courses and also provides individual consultancy in the Birmingham area of Solihull.
More details can be found on the website -

Tricks 4 Treats Pet Dog Training

Tricks 4 Treats is run by Jo Hart and her training classes are designed to be fun for both you and your dog using reward based training methods and we offer several different courses, including One to One Training in your home if required.

Each class lasts 45 minutes with a maximum of 8 dogs per class. Families are welcome and in fact encouraged so everyone knows what to do and joins in the fun of training their dog.
More details can be found on Jo's website

Debbie of Safe Pets

Safe Pets

Debbie Connolly is a cat and dog behaviourist who appears in the BBC series Dog Borstal. She also runs her own training company, SafePets UK. Debbie is an Associate Member of the British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers and a behaviour consultant for Bengal Cat Rescue and Zep the Dep Rottweiler Rescue. UK home visits and one to one dog training holidays are available and the website has many clients stories in their own words.

Dog and Cat Trainer and behaviourist, kind and fair, South Wales, UK/Ireland home visits.

UK Dog Training and Behaviour Consultants

If you run a dog training class or run courses in dog training and would like to be listed here then use our contact form to send us your details. It does not cost you anything to be listed on our dog directory pages; all we ask is that your website is family and "dog" friendly. If you are a dog trainer and use modern techniques of dog training - that does not involve hitting or being bad to a dog then we will probably be happy to add your website to our directory.

It would be nice if you gave us a link back from your website or blog. Please link to and say something nice about us!

We do not believe or condone hitting dogs as a punishment or as a method of training a dog. If you would like to see books available from Amazon UK then check out our associate bookshop on books on dog training.