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Leading Canines is run by Jill Muns, Jill loves dogs and provides a range of training and behavioural services to help you and your pet get the best from each other.

Best Behaviour is run by Natashya Hanch who is a qualified pet behaviourist and works with dogs and puppies.

Puppies - before you get a puppy it is worth while talking to an expert to make sure that you select a suitable dog breed to fit in with you, your family and lifestyle. Leading Canines provides a pre-purchase advice service that is aimed at helping you choose the perfect dog. The follow this on with puppy classes and training classes - believe me a well behaved dog is a lot more fun than a rascal!

Rescue Dogs - If you decide rehome a rescue dog (which is a brilliant idea) then you do need to spend time learning how to train (re-train) your new pet so that you both have lots of fun. So plan to either have one to one training or go to dog training and behavioural classes to help your dog get off with the best start in his / her new home.


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If you are a dog trainer and use gentle pet friendly training methods then we will be happy to list you on our dog site. Just e-mail us or send us a message - please provide details of your website and contact details you would like used. Please note we only list people using dog friendly modern training methods - no harsh dog training used under any circumstances.

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We have listed a few dog trainers who have requested a free listing.

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If you offer a dog training service and wish to be listed then contact us with your details. Listing is at our discretion and is mainly based on the use of modern dog training techniques. Listing on the directory is free. Use our contact form or simply e-mail us if you would like listed.

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