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Dog Walks

Many of us who have dogs just love the opportunities for taking them for walks, it is a great way to keep your pet and yourself fit and most dogs find it great fun.

We take our dogs to several of the sandy beaches near where we live and also to forests and occasionally to parks. We are very lucky as we live in the far north of Scotland in the Scottish Highlands and have lots of places to visit and walk out dogs. However even if you live in the middle of a city there are many places to explore, open spaces and parks as well as forests. You may also be fortunate to live near a beach that allows dogs, many now do not due to irresponsible owners not cleaning up after their dogs.

If you have transport and can escape to the country then the weekends and long summer evening provides you an opportunity to get out in the fresh air to explore the countryside, and as long as you follow the countryside code you will have great fun with your dogs. In many cases the countryside code is just common sense, keeping your dog on the lead for example when you are near farm animals or wildlife (wild deer) and it can save you and your family a lot of grief if you keep your dogs under control at all times.

So if you are a dog walker that usually sticks to parks and other open spaces in a town or city consider looking at a map of your local area and get out into walks in your local forest or countryside area, you will enjoy the freedom and the exercise will help keep you, your family and of course your pets fit.


Our collies going for a walk in forest

Our dogs exploring the entrance to the Rumster forest walk.

Forest walk

One of the advantages for walking your dog in a forest is that usually you can let them walk off the lead. If your dogs are known to follow the scent of wild deer then you may need to walk them on an extending lead, they still get a good walk and you do not need to spend hours trying to get your dog back from chasing after deer.

Dogs love the beach

Tibby (our adopted farm dog) and Charlie in the background just love the beach. Living in the far north of Scotland is wonderful as we have many long sandy beaches to walk our dogs, we are often the only ones on the beaches. So the next time you are planning a holiday consider exploring the Highlands of Scotland, you will find many places you can walk your dogs.

Tongue in the Highlands of Scotland

Charlie on the beach beside the Kyle of Tonque in the Highlands of Scotland.

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